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Open Street Map(OSM) is a project to create open data geographic information so that anyone can use the map freely. Also, Leaflet is the leading open source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. Nowadays, many people are using it for free.

OSM operates a Tile Server, a server with image data that can be used by everyone. The amount of data on the tile server, and much of the access, is maintained and operated by donations. In some cases, there are companies that have built their own servers.

At MapSV, we're going to challenge these existing mechanisms with a few new challenges. We ask for your goodwill to put up a tile map on the blockchain. With that uploaded tile map, it is possible to reduce the load and cost of the tile server.

Also, all donations for good causes, such as uploading maps and asking users to donate, will be made through the moneybutton. We will connect the chain of goodwill by donating money to those who have uploaded tile maps and to OSM.

MapSV is a beta version. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

This link Map Donation Page. Your donation will be recorded on the blockchain.

The following is an iframe(html) sample.

Show big map
	style="border: 1px solid #ddd"
	<a href="https://mapsv.cc/embed#9/34.4080/134.7885">Show big map</a>

A page for creating iframes has been set up. Without it, it's not easy to put it on the page. It's a little interesting, so try it out. If you can't see the map, please consider making a donation!


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